Sam secretly smoked cannabis for years

Usually my mother Sam was certainly prim and proper, typically well mannered and dressed to the nines.

Sam presented herself as the perfect suburban mother and housewife, and I think that she was as near to perfection as possible! But in private, away from the prying eyeah of neighbors and friends, Sam was another person.

She was fun and relaxed, and enjoyed a few glasses of wine after supper. Seeing Sam relaxed, cheerful, and drunk was my favorite version of her. It wasn’t until I was in college that I realized those were all of the times that Sam was using medical cannabis. It wasn’t just the wine that made her giggly, it was indulging in the natural power of the cannabis plant. After I was done with college and my mom saw me as an adult, Sam “came out of the closet” about using medical cannabis. Her doctor had written her a legal prescription for medical cannabis years ago, however she had never told anyone else in the family. Sam was embarrassed about it, but I confided in her that I smoked medical marijuana all the time, and it was nothing for her to be ashamed about. Medical cannabis is legal in many states, and recreational cannabis is following closely behind it. Medical cannabis is a fantastic alternative to using drugs, or drinking alcohol. I feel that Sam and I are closer than ever now. We even set up a dinner date for the weekend where Sam and I will visit the cannabis dispensary, and then go to a diner for food.

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