Parents don’t approve of my job at the dispensary

My parents do not approve of my job in any way, and it’s been causing a lot of friction in our relationship.

They especially don’t like that I stopped going to community college to work full time, but college was always something I did for them, not for myself.

When I was honest with myself, I had to admit that I hated going to school, and I was ready to start working and making money. So just for that reason they were upset with me, but then when they learned what job I was training for they about lost their minds. They were never very keen on any kind of drugs, so me working in a cannabis dispensary was infuriating to them. Of course I try to tell them that cannabis isn’t a “drug” like they think it is. They have heard decades worth of anti-cannabis propaganda so they think pot is the same as cocaine or heroin. That is patently false, just misinformation spread by the government and tobacco lobby, who view marijuana as their biggest rival. Cannabis is a plant, it grows naturally, and finally a lot of people in state and local government are realizing that. I myself use CBD oil but don’t tend to indulge in cannabis hardly ever, but my folks don’t even see the difference between the two! They act like I have become a drug dealer, but I’m just a store manager for a cannabis dispensary, who gets decent pay with full medical and dental benefits, something that very few drug dealers have!


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