Our state may soon pass a law legalizing recreational marijuana for adult use

My life improved when I could finally get safe cannabis products from state regulated cannabis growers and retailers. All of the cannabis products on the shelves in this state must pass rigorous lab testing standards and procedures. As long as there aren’t human errors at the labs, you can usually trust what you’re consuming as far as being pure from harmful contaminants like chemicals and heavy metals. You don’t want mold in your marijuana products either, but it’s surprisingly common in poorly regulated cannabis markets. But since our medical marijuana law strictly enforced lab testing, it looks like those rules are going to stick even if we get recreational cannabis soon. What worries me is what will happen to the supply of marijuana in my state once it becomes legal for recreational use. Of course more licenses for cannabis producers will be issued, but the strain of demand in the short term is going to be thrusted upon the existing cannabis dispensaries. It might level out in the long term, but we will likely face a cannabis shortage after it becomes legal for recreational use in my state. I feel selfish as a medical marijuana patient when the thought crosses my mind that I would like to see the recreational cannabis law fail. Obviously this isn’t my position in reality, but it is if I was going to be unusually selfish and uncaring. Some people want to have access to cannabis they can purchase occasionally like liquor, but without hundreds of dollars in fees every year just to keep their medical marjuana cards active.

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