Not always the best strategy

I had a cannabis dispensary, a nice crew of budtenders, a good location in addition to a website, so what more did I need? I couldn’t seem to get people hearing about my store.

Any business I got would be people who just happened to see the front of it.

Where were my online sales? I then tried pay per click advertising. With PPC you spend money everytime someone clicks on your website links regardless if they buy something, however you get a top spot on a single page of google. I figured I had it all figured out. I saw that people were clicking on the attachment in addition to looking at the website. I wasn’t getting any sales. I offer curbside pickup, cannabis delivery in addition to quite a few weird in store sales. Why was nobody doing this? I finally gave up on PPC and chatted with an SEO company. They told me that I needed to try search engine advertising strategies instead. I needed more organic results to make my page rank higher on google, not just spend money for it. As a part of SEM I needed to get a new web build too. The company said that my website was hard to navigate and read. It wasn’t catchy in addition to mostly being confusing. The web builder took a hold of it in addition to a few weeks later produced a much better result. Now my website is live in addition to I am already seeing quite a few online sales. I appreciate that I don’t spend money for advertising anymore, I just spend money to have a quality website that ranks on google.

pay per click