No need to store weed

Back in the day weed wasn’t easy to find, at least for a high school aged boy it was.

Whenever myself and my pals found a guy with a product to sell, all of us bought everything all of us could.

All of us would get a half a pound of ditch weed just to keep smoking for another month. These days everything is different, and the supply is so large there is no reason to pile up; Do you buy a bunch of milk when you can go buy a new gallon of milk anytime you want? Of course not, and so I also don’t stock up on pot, because I can go get something right there anytime I wish. With another potential lockdown coming up, I am realizing that buying a little cannabis at a time is too short-sighted, and I need to pile up again. Of course there is a large change between buying half a pound of cheap dirt weed and buying bulk at a cannabis dispensary. I prefer the convenience of the cannabis dispensary, and I prefer the large range of products they carry, but they don’t stock the cheap stuff. To buy bulk and stockpile marijuana would mean taking out a personal loan from the bank… which absolutely isn’t a wonderful idea. I say that now, but if the cannabis dispensary closes down and I run dry I will be singing a weird tune. I assume I will do what I can to break down on smoking a little bit, and also purchase a little bit extra whenever I visit the cannabis dispensary, and slowly build up a stockpile.
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