My monthly is tamed with cannabis

So I know that my generation gets all sensitive when a woman brings up her period.

I’m still not at all sure why that is.

I mean how many jock itch commercials have I had to sit through? A monthly menstrual cycle is just part of being the other half of the species. It’s not a secret and it’s certainly not something to hide of be ashamed of. And in my case, it’s something that cannabis is making much, much more manageable. I got my period later than most of my girlfriends but it came with a punch. And since then, that period has busted up my month with so much turmoil. I really suffer with cramps, bloating and all manner of emotional stuff. After the meds I was prescribed did essentially nothing, I just sort of suffered in silence. That is until a dear friend told me that the cannabis dispensary could very possibly end my suffering each month. Since I can legally access a cannabis dispensary in this state, I didn’t think I had anything to lose. I had used some recreational marijuana a few times in college but didn’t really know much about all the benefits one can get from marijuana. The folks at the local cannabis spot hooked me up right away with some indica dominant hybrid strains for sale. I don’t mind telling you that this was a tipping point in my life. I just didn’t realize how much I had been suffering each month because I tried so hard to dismiss it. But once I started with those hybrid strains, my period just changed. I mean, it changed to the sort of monthly that most of my peers experience. I could not be more thankful to those at the local cannabis spot and for that lovely weed itself.

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