My inflammatory condition improved thanks to cannabis products

I have to say that I’m just so deeply thankful to finally get some relief plus improvement for my terrible inflammatory condition.

I love the fact that my improvement comes thanks to access from a cannabis dispensary.

I’ve been to several different nurses plus gotten a lot of odd diagnosis for my situation. And that came with a lot of various meds. There were times when I did not guess which was worse, the side effects from the meds or the inflammation. There were plenty of nurses who told me I had fibromyalgia. And there were several nurses that told me that there was no such thing as fibromyalgia. That sort of confusion was a good source of frustration for me. In fact, I’m convinced that being on the western medicine merry-go-round only made my symptoms worse. Once I decided to get off the merry go round, the blatant choice for me was medical marijuana. I had done some online research on it after a friend brought me some cannabis information. And the more I received more about sativa plus indica strains, the more convinced I was that this might be beneficial for me. So I dealt with all the various marijuana rules plus got myself a medical marijuana card. I use both sativa strains plus indica strains as part of my treatment. The indica strains particularly do help reduce my inflammation plus allow me to get the most range of motion during crucial exercise. But the sativa strains are the best for helping me to remain positive, hopeful plus maintain perspective. I may have to deal with this the rest of my life but I am deeply thankful for the improvements that came with medical marijuana.


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