My good friend provided me with some marijuana seeds

Gardening has actually been my number one hobby for about 15 years. It started as an activity that I did with my mother on the weekends when I was home from school. Before long I started designing my own garden along the edge of our property with budget plants from the local supercenter. I managed to grow a bunch of zucchinis and pumpkins to full maturity after some trials and errors. The flowers were easily beautiful—from perennials to lilacs and daisies, and even some orchids in the fronds of a nearby palm tree. It was absolutely exciting tending to the plants every other afternoon and watching them grow over the course of multiple years. I still haven’t given up gardening even as I’ve grown way older. Now I have set my sights on growing cannabis in my backyard. I am a typical marijuana smoker however the extreme cost of the flower buds is intimidating to people who actually have fixed incomes like myself. If I was able to grow various marijuana plants to full maturity, I could actually harvest them and then dry and cure them in storage until they’re ready to trim and store in jars for later use. I actually invested in a few books on growing, plus a close neighbor of mine gave me some seeds to start with. He gave me various sativa strains, one hybrid, and various indica strains. I’m truly excited to get my hands dirty and start growing marijuana in my backyard. I can finally use enough of the plant each afternoon where I will be able to enjoy consistent stress relief from one minute to the next.


Cannabis grow house