My aunt was a cool and hip lady

Had a lot of great role models as a kid.

One of them was a fantastic Aunt named Agnes. She was ancient when I was just a child and also stayed away for a long time. Her body reached a stage where she just stopped aging and she was content to easily stay that way. She always smoked at celebrations when grown-ups would usually become angry. She didn’t care much about smoking marijuana all afternoon every afternoon and also didn’t love much for you to be upset. Other adults would easily scold her for exposing the children to marijuana smoke but Agnes always said no one had a problem with the tobacco products and pipes. Sometime later it seemed that Agnes was actually right about marijuana smoking and it became legalized. I went right to the woods to enjoy cannabis in the peace and quiet of nature. My aunt was with me and both of us shared and incredibly special bond together. It was nice for her to teach me about cannabis and she also taught me never to back down. A lot of us are afraid to stand up for what we believe, but it makes sense to educate people on the pitfalls of marijuana. Marijuana is hardly harmful when you think about it compared to some of the other drugs and alcohol that cause problems were people everyday. Potheads don’t go out and commit crimes, because we’re way too lazy staying at home to do anything else. Marijuana isn’t the harmful drug that everyone might believe it to be.

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