Might be a grandpa but I love shopping at the local cannabis spot

When I moved here once I retired, one of the first things I did was to go shopping at a cannabis dispensary.

The state I lived my adult life in still hasn’t gotten it’s act together when it comes to marijuana legislation.

Medical marijuana just barely lost on the last ballot. So that place was a long way from recreational marijuana laws. Believe it or not, a lot of where I was going to retire was predicated on recreational marijuana. There was no way I was spending my golden years without legal access to cannabis. I feel really lucky to have gone as long as I have without ever being busted for weed. I’ve come far too close and perhaps that’s why I’m not cocky and act stupid with cannabis. Yea, I wanted to be able to walk into the local cannabis spot and purchase any manner of cannabis product that my hearth desired. I’d done it a few time before on vacation. Now, I wanted to live my life that way forever. So I got right to it when I first moved here. The condo I bought for my retirement years is just blocks away from the local cannabis spot. Like the first week after I got there, I went into this cannabis dispensary to see what it was all about. Not only did I score a local cannabis spot that I can ride my bike to but it’s an awesome marijuana business. Just amazing the selection of sativa products and indica products. I also made new friends that day and enjoy just visiting the folks at my local cannabis spot even if I’m not buying any cannabis products.



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