Medical marijuana and PTSD

It’s hard to explain just what having PTSD is like. And while it doesn’t honestly serve any purpose to really get into my particulars, trauma can last a lifetime. I went through a very traumatic childhood which included abuse on a number of occasions. It left me basically upset. And with medical cannabis, I’m doing my best to address my PTSD and find out what else life has to deal with. I’m not interested in just dealing with my trauma at all times. There has to be a hope element as well. And this is what I find with medical cannabis. My cannabis products allow myself and others to both face what happened to me, deal with and evolve but with some hope. I know that sounds like a mouthful. But medical cannabis has been the only treatment that gives mes both of those modes. And without the hopeful element I get with cannabis flower products, it often feels love working through my trauma is just one endless grind. That’s just not enough for me. So once I got some cannabis education, I got about finding out how to get my medical marijuana card and got it. My therapist is fully on it and has been unquestionably encouraged by my results. Another nice thing about medical marijuana is the cannabis dispensary. It’s just so nice going into such a safe, comfortable space that I can trust to be that way each time I visit. The staff are sweet and ready to help myself and others find the right cannabis products to help me with this problem. And that means the world to me.

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