Marijuana can be successfully farmed

My family owns this farm for nearly six generations. In the beginning the farm was actually massive and also we grew up as the largest farm and much of the area. Both my mother plus father sold off little pieces of the land and eventually I ended up with a tiny Farm the fraction of the large farm my parents had. I have 500 or more acres and it is still a lot of land that I don’t know what I should properly doing. I easily have plenty of land for privacy plus everyone of us have barns that helped us grow fantastic and various marijuana crops. I still have a working and active Farm, but most of the business is marijuana plants plus a small garden with vegetables that is just for my personal favorites. Since marijuana has not been legalized yet, I have to worry a lot of the time about growing the marijuana in these dispensary. I often wonder if I will go outside and find the police on the property. The small vegetable garden is one way for all of us to do our best not to get caught. It is an easy transaction to have some distributors that would help make it legal for me to sell cannabis at wholesale prices. I can strictly grow plus then there is time when the legalization would make it possible for me to be above the boards and a 100% legitimate former. Farming is one unique way that we use the earth to give back to the other members of our town.


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