Marijuana business poised to take off

I’ve been building my own business now for nearly 30 years. And in doing so, I have made some money. For sure, I’m fortunate to have received monetary success from my business venture. But it was really all about following a passion. And I’m taking that same approach as I move a big chunk of my total investment portfolio over to the marijuana business. I’ve enjoyed cannabis products from time to time throughout my life. Of course, for the majority of that time, it’s been illegal. And that had a way of capping my enthusiasm for possessing quantities of cannabis products. I sure wasn’t going to have my business be destroyed over a marijuana possession conviction. So I just enjoyed cannabis as it came to me here and there. But with the advent of legal recreational marijuana in this state, I’m free to enjoy cannabis products from the local cannabis dispensary. And I’m finding a real passion for marijuana. That led me to do a great deal of research on the potential for getting heavily invested in the marijuana business. After months of due diligence, it’s clear that the marijuana business is poised to explode. There are now more states with some sort of legal cannabis than there aren’t. But it’s the eastern seaboard that is right at the cusp of going all in on legal weed. So, I’m following this passion just the way I followed my passion in building my business. I’m so excited to see something so beneficial take off. And being a part of that is simply exhilarating.

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