Legalizing marijuana is a fun way to build money

When recreational marijuana use was legalized, I went right to the porch where anyone like my neighbors could see and I decided to smoke a large marijuana joint right there on the front porch.

This was the biggest one that I could smoke and people from blocks away could probably smell it coming out the front door.

Anyone looking at my funny way Smiles plus they had a Coke. I smoked around in secret for many decades and also now it made me feel good to finally be able to publicly use cannabis. There was a funny thing that came from smoking weed during my teenager years. Every person was using it but I was never very interested. When I hit one age, my body plus my mind became weaker. Medical cannabis really started to help a lot and that was the year that I became a tasty pot smoker. One problem was marijuana still being a legal and this was not help for an old person trying to find marijuana still illegal. I was irritated to act like a criminal when medical marijuana helps my aches plus pains feel a great deal better. It’s nice to finally have medicinal marijuana where I can go to the cannabis dispensary plus Neil and my rocking chair and low pot smoke at my neighbor’s while they complained about me sitting on the front porch in my underwear. Now that it is legal, the taxes from weed pay for a lot of things in our city that we need like school and roads.

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