Just ten minutes away, you can buy medical weed

The two of us have to live in a state without legalized medical marijuana.

Even though several medical studies have been proven to show that cannabis has medical benefits that cannot be denied.

The place where I live borders many different states with legal medical as well as some recreational marijuana. After taking a short drive, it is quite easy to actually find recreational marijuana. Still the politicians in this state do not want to legalize sales of marijuana. For ten years, the two of us have suffered from back pain that came from a vehicle accident. The two of us spent multiple months in the hospital trying to recover. The pain continues to become more dire every year as well as the two of us do not want a painkiller addiction. For two years, the two of us have used cannabinoid products. The cannabinoid items can be ordered online as well as shipped directly to an open village shop. Some prices are a bit high, but the two of us are happy with the flavors as well as selection. The guy who works at the counter as well as the two of us are friends and now we get a several percent discount at the store. The two of us would still prefer legal medical and recreational marijuana, but there are two several people that do not want to see the plant legalized. There is a lot of money to change the minds of politicians that are there to make the decisions on legalizing cannabis for everyone.


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