It’s tricky to grow your own marijuana

The first time I tried my hand at growing weed was a total disaster.

  • I think that has happened to many of us at one time, am I right? The only way to learn something is to try it, fail at it, and then try again.

Repeat the process as often as you have to until you find success, and as long as you keep trying, you will get there. I had graduated from high school and was living in a rowhouse with six other guys before I figured out how to grow cannabis properly. The key to growing cannabis is patience, more than anything else you need to be patient and let nature take its course. The more I tried using grow lights and special soils and custom cannabis grow kits, the less success I had. It was only when the group of us collectively took care of the cannabis plants that we started to grow killer weed. Sun, water, soil, and time is what marijuana plants need, and you can substitute most of these things with technology, but not the time. Marijuana plants need time, and once I accepted that I got stoned less often, but enjoyed it a lot more. Since then I have not paid for cannabis once, so not only to have a cleaner, higher high, but I also save a ton of money! If I ever do hit the lottery and get rich, I can promise you I won’t mess around with trying to grow my own cannabis anymore, I will leave it to the professionals at the dispensary.


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