Indica at night helps me sleep way better

For more than several years, my friends and I have been a pot patient.

The whole recommendation from a doctor was surprisingly simple to obtain. The doctor viewed my medical records and also my history. With a varied number of car accidents and also back injuries, it is clear that my injuries will never officially heal. Medical marijuana was something that I brought up to a primary physician and she told myself and others that it was necessary to obtain a specialist in order to receive a prescription. She offered to give myself and others the names of people that could help. We had to wait a couple of weeks before we could visit with the medical weed doctor, however, the visit was extraordinary, really brief and also short. The doctor felt that Indica would provide pain relief at night and suggested only having medical weed if we were not going to leave the house at all. I can understand why the doctor said this, because many times that I have been able to use medical weed, there have been many psychedelics effects to make me feel paranoid. I don’t assume any pain and don’t remember too much the next day. OG Kush is one of my favorite Indica strains. It is undoubtedly nice and I prefer the flavor of OG Kush. I consistently have OG Kush on hand at night and it is helpful to relieve pain and inflammation in my neck, back, and joints. The primary care physician really helped us out by sending us to that education class.