I was able to get my medical cannabis card in a new state

My buddies plus I chose to move to a new state a couple of weeks ago.

It took a long time for us to unpack all of our bags! Every one of us had lots of boxes in our truck, however the bunch of us also had a 22ft moving truck on its way as well.

Every one of us had a great deal of furniture packed into one large truck plus they delivered the items a few days later. It took a number of weeks to sort through the boxes plus transport everything to the rooms where they needed to be. After everything was unpacked plus sorted, I started to think about my supply of medical marijuana products. I only had a small amount of medical marijuana flower plus all of my concentrate was finished. I went to a medical marijuana dispensary to talk with the staff about obtaining my card. It was a fairly straight-forward plus quick process… The lady at the front desk helped me set up a medical card in that state. Since the bunch of us moved to a state that has reciprocity with my former residence, I had to fill out a small amount of paperwork plus cover the cost for a small fee, however those were the only stipulations. On my first visit to the medical marijuana dispensary, I bought a few items that were totally new to me. I got some edibles from the dispensary. My old state didn’t even sell edibles, so I was amazed by the wall filled with cookies, candies, gummies, plus chocolate. The cannabis edibles were easily tasty plus they each had a small amount of THC or CBD. Since I received 30% off my first order, I also bought a 91% concentrate referred to as Blue Dream.

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