I made plans to stay at the lakeside house plus get wrecked

It has been raining a whole lot this month plus the rain always makes myself and others recognize how tired plus depressed I am.

I can’t imagine living in a town where it rains all of the time, then people in the Pacific Northwest are some of the most depressed people in the entire country, because it rains almost 300 days out of the year out here.

I get anxious when it rains multiple days in a row. I knew it would be raining all through this weekend, so I made plans to stay at the lake house plus get stoned. I told our friends not to bother calling myself and others to go to the club or a tavern. I was going to order multiple large pizzas on Monday plus munch on them the whole weekend. I also planned to buy a 12 pack of Coors plus a bottle of vodka. I also ordered recreational marijuana from a weed dispensary near myself and others that has delivery services. The only thing I had to leave the house for was the Coors Light plus the vodka. The pizzas plus the recreational marijuana were both delivered right to the front door. After I got stoned, I played some PS5 games plus watched a brand modern motion picture. After that, I had more of the marijuana joint then I drank a couple of beers plus some vodka. Everything after that was a bit of a blur. I don’t recall going to sleep, but I didn’t wake up on Tuesday until it was noon. I definitely slept many minutes. I woke up feeling energized plus I abruptly wanted to hang out with our best friends.

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