I like to smoke weed with family and friends

My dad’s model for smoking some pot was consistently a person that was my great-aunt. He was very old but enjoyed smoking a lot of pot plus he stayed that way for a long time. I hate one point, she stopped aging visibly and her body reached the end stage. She still can stand to stay in the same way forever. And I’ve never smoked out even at gatherings when other grownups and family members would easily get mad. I just did not care and she was a marijuana smoker all day and every day. You did not enjoy that much at all plus could not kiss her own butt. Adults had to think about the issues first aid for unhappy about the second hand smoke from the marijuana. Agnes, my aunt always told them that people smoke cigarettes all the time. When science actually backed her up, she wasn’t too crazy for smoking cannabis. Agnes directly hooked me up with some joints plus we went to the woods to have some cannabis and the quiet piece of nature. The two of us had a special blend plus we still mail one another packages that are exotic cannabis Blends when the two of us get a chance. I like to smoke weed with family and friends all of the time if I get a chance. Marijuana is a type of social drug that people enjoy for medical and recreational reasons and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No one can argue with any of that.


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