I learned how to grow marijuana so I could afford it

I have had nothing but awesome experiences with cannabis since trying it a few years back.

  • I’ll disclose that I had trepidation for numerous years regarding the plant.

I was raised in a fairly conservative area by parents who truly believed marijuana use would lead to hard drug addiction. Although they might have softened their views towards the plant in recent years, they still dismiss its medical value. By the time I got to university, marijuana was easily offered to me everywhere I went. Still, it took me quite some time to finally try the drug, and to this day I loathe myself for waiting so long. I had pent up anxiety issues that only became apparent after noticing how much using cannabis would calm my nerves and melt away my awful thoughts. I was sticking to indica strains that promote calmness and sedation over the sativa strains that tend to be more stimulating and psychoactive. As much as I enjoy marijuana, I can’t handle the high prices at the local dispensaries. I’m using the plant medicinally, but the prices put the medicine at a place where not many people can access it and benefit from it’s wonderful effects. That’s when I got the whole idea to grow cannabis in my dwelling. I saw a plethora of grow boxes on the internet that actually come equipped with lighting systems and hydroponic growth mediums. The plants are suspended a couple of inches below the surface of the water while an air pump regularly aerates it to replenish the roots and promote growth in the plants. Since I’m severely limited on funds I can merely afford a grow box that fits roughly four plants in total. Hopefully when I start saving a good amount of money after my first harvest, I can use those savings to purchase a nicer grow operation for my personal use moving forward.

Marijuana grow room design