I learned a lot about marijuana growing from a knowledgeable budtender

I never legitimately was a professional when it came to growing any kind of plants, despite the fact that I did want to try my hand at marijuana growing. I truly love smoking marijuana plus sometimes I find seeds in my cannabis bud. Instead of throwing away the seeds, I decided to keep them to see if I could grow some quality marijuana. I ended up throwing some seeds into some containers of soil with a small grow light inside of my closet. This was basically my grow room, but it was truly small plus the cannabis plants were not getting enough light. It seemed as though the cannabis plants were growing good, despite the fact that I knew basically nothing when it came to growing marijauna. I wasn’t giving the cannabis plants any fertilizer in the least, I was only watering them… Eventually, they started to turn a terrible yellow color plus then easily died. When I went to the cannabis dispensary, I had a talk with a budtender about my bad experience with my grow room! He asked questions about my grow room wanting to know about the dimensions, the strains of cannabis I was going with, the lighting, plus the ventilation. When he saw the look on my face, he could tell I couldn’t answer these questions and I was a total amateur. He calmed my concerns plus said we all have to start somewhere with growing marijuana. He explained that I needed excellent ventilation for my grow room, organic fertilizer for the plants, plus the best lighting. He laughed when I told him about the tiny compact fluorescent I was using as a grow light. He said I could use a compact fluorescent for cloning, but not for bringing up mature cannabis plants. He also said that if I was going to use a tiny space such as a closet, I would want to go with a sea of green approach for successful marijuana growing. I managed to learn a lot from this guy plus eventually I grew a crop of cannabis plants that was excellent.

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