I knew my kid was smoking pot

My child came beach home from the sleepover smelling like a pot factory.

Last week everyone of us took our child to visit with a different friend. He was planning to spend the night plus play some video games. Every one of us has met many of the friends that our children have, but this new child recently moved and I wanted to contact the mother plus speak with her directly on the phone. He seemed entirely Kind Plus also friendly, plus she was cheerful hosting both of the boys all weekend. I was happy to have an evening directly to myself and everyone of us drank some wine Plus even watched a romantic movie on the TV inside of our living room. Everyone of us spent some time relaxing while the home was quiet plus peaceful. On Tuesday afternoon, the two of us slept late until probably 10. My child finally came beach home from the play date. When my kid walked directly into the house, every one of us smelled the stench of cannabis. My child came beach home from the sleepover smelling like a pot factory. I was entirely aggravated plus instantly contacted the mother of the boy. She apologized over and over again for the smell plus told myself plus others that she has marijuana for medical reasons. Since medical cannabis has been acquired, the smell from the plant can sometimes creep into other things. She urged myself plus others not tol get upset and I also agreed that I would let my child continue visiting as long as there was no marijuana being consumed in front of him.


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