I found out my dad smokes a ton of cannabis

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.” My dad used to say that to me all the time, whenever I got upset by something stupid.

I know he stole the quote, but I don’t know from where so I always attribute it to him.

As I got older I tried to remember that, because I was very prone to getting worked up over the little things. Years later I would find out that the key to my father’s low-key, laid back attitude was medical marijuana, which he partook in frequently. As a young man, my dad was like me and prone to getting mad, but once he had a child he knew he needed to chill out so he started smoking medical cannabis every day. The cannabis calmed his nerves, but moreover it gave him what he called “a clearer perspective on life.” Between the presence of his newborn child, and a constant flow of cannabis, the old man turned over a new lead and became the very chill person I grew up with. I learned all this right around the same time I graduated high school, because he thought I was old enough to start smoking cannabis with him. Now whenever I get worked up over something, or start to get angry, I will just get with my old man and partake in some cannabis to settle me down. I don’t ever keep any in my apartment, because part of what I like about cannabis is doing it with my dad. Maybe it’s the cannabis, maybe it’s just his presence, but it works.



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