I am getting great experience at the cannabis growing facility

I got out of an interesting phone conference with my boss plus the other employees at the cannabis dispensary.

Everybody was easily upset about what we are going to do with this horrible pandemic crisis we are facing.

Basically, all of us were presented with some working options. Every one of us could become cannabis delivery drivers full time, we could work in the cannabis facilities for growing the actual cannabis strains, we could work on making cannabis edibles, or we could just remain home at our residences until things cleared up. I never have been a good cook plus I didn’t want to stay at my residence, so I decided that I would work in a cannabis growing facility. These growing facilities were owned by the main boss of the cannabis dispensary we worked for, plus he was more than gleeful to bring everybody on board to start doing work with the plants. He also needed people who could pack up all the orders still at the cannabis dispensary. He was saying that we were all considered essential employees, however he only needed a certain amount of people to pack up all the orders. Of course, everybody still was hoping to work because we needed to have income, especially during this time. I really enjoyed the work I started doing with growing the cannabis plants. I was able to water, fertilize, plus harvest buds. Trimming the buds has consistently been a great deal of fun plus it’s pretty incredible being able to see the cannabis plants grow through their entire cycle. I also guess that I’m going to learn a ton about growing cannabis, more than I ever knew. I never really grew cannabis on my own, plus I recognize after this experience with growing all of these amazing cannabis plants, I will eventually want to invest in a grow room in my own residence.

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