Getting my beauty sleep at last

I have constantly had a love/hate relationship with sleep. All men and women need sleep, the body needs it to calm down and recuperate from the trials of the day, and so the brain needs it to. Science has constantly been a bit unsure about how our dreams work, but all the people say yes that a brain that doesn’t dream is not healthy. All I have ever wanted is to sleep without dreaming, because for myself and others every night is nothing but disappointing dreams and nightmares. Sleepwalking, saying crazy stuff while resting, a whole litany of creepy stuff happens externally, and internally I am locked in horrific nightmares. For me, cannabis was the life line I required, and now I am sleeping better than I ever have before. After a few days of first trying out cannabis, just smoking a little at night, I noticed I was waking up the next day separate from remembering my dreams. I got high, went to bed, and then woke up like a normal new guy for the first time, and it was all because of cannabis. Believe me, I experimented to make certain it was the marijuana that was responsible for this. I took a few days off from smoking cannabis, and my nightmares came right back in full range! Cannabis has properties that, for myself and others at least, stop the dreams. I suppose that I am still dreaming, but it all happens being a thick blaze of marijuana smoke, and feels undoubtedly far away from me; Now I smoke cannabis every night, and I sleep as soundly as a baby every night.