Getting high on movie night

We have a few rules for movie night, something we do every other weekend.

There are a group of 12 of us, and we all take turns hosting, but there are a few common rules that we all abide by.

First, we only watched comedies or horror movies, no exceptions. Second, whoever hosts has to provide candy, popcorn, and some kind of alcoholic beverage, also no exceptions! The third rule is that no kids are allowed, ever. You can bring a guest, but no kids, because that gets in the way of us smoking cannabis. Marijuana is a key feature of our movie nights, so having kids around would just mess everything up. My preference is the good old fashioned joint, because it’s the easiest way to pass the maruijuana around fairly. Some people prefer blunts, but I think the cigar wrappers do nothing but cover up the delicious taste of the cannabis. If it doesn’t taste good in your mouth, then it is not marijuana that you should be smoking in the first place, so I always avoid blunts. That is another reason that we only watch comedies and horror movies, because those are the films most enhanced with marijuana. Have you ever tried to watch Schindler’s List while wrecked on OG Kush? It is not much fun, let me tell you. Having a few laughs or a few jump scares is the way to go, as that blends best with the miarjuana high and really makes movie night a lot more fun. What do you like to smoke on movie nights?

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