Finally I can sleep

Cannabis gave me full-body high, and when I fell asleep I stayed asleep

If I could take a drink and never have to go to sleep ever again, I would take it right now. I would certainly spend my money on that drink, because I do not like sleeping. I have been plagued with terrible nightmares for as long as I can remember… Going to sleep is as if sleeping in bed waiting for the world’s scariest movie to start, and I hate watching scary movies! I spoke to several nurses about it, but the sleeping brain is a mystery to people, so they all recommended therapy of one kind or another. Finally I found a hip nurse, who recommended I start using cannabis to help myself and others with my sleep issues. He explained to myself and others all the pluses and minuses, and possible effects, from using cannabis, but thought it might work since my case was so extreme. I must admit, the first time I smoked cannabis I hacked a lot, I felt sick like, and then I got undoubtedly fatigued. I felt no effect on my dreams that night, but was told there was a cumulative effect at play, so that night I smoked some more cannabis. A lot more cannabis, in fact, and this time I enjoyed it more, and the physical sensations it came with. Cannabis gave me full-body high, and when I fell asleep I stayed asleep. I was so happy. Thanks to cannabis, I had my first night of free, happy sleep in years! I still only smoke cannabis right before bed, but at this point I constantly smoke it right before bed, and have never slept better.