Feeling better and better thanks to sativa products

A year ago, I was at the point with my social anxiety that I would have tried just about anything.

And really, I just about had tried it all.

Yet again, the efficacy of the medicine cocktail that I was on was waning. This has happened with every pharmaceutical I’ve taken over the years to help manage my condition. Then I tried medical marijuana. I can hardly believe that I’ve gone some 25 years dealing with this and cannabis was there all along. But I steered clear from wherever I might have come into contact with any sort of cannabis products. My social anxiety barely allows me to interact with anyone outside of my family and a small circle of friends. And when I was young, recreational marijuana was fun and social. I was not either of those things. Yet, I’m not going to be upset that I didn’t find sativa products sooner. There’s no point in all that. I’m mainly able to let that fact go because of how wonderful the impact cannabis has had on my life. Sure, I wish I knew about it sooner. But thankfully, the cannabis products I need are now available to me as recreational marijuana is legal in this state. So I didn’t have to find out how to get a medical marijuana card and could simply go into the cannabis dispensary. I say simply but going anywhere isn’t easy. I’m just so grateful that there are such caring, compassionate people to help me at my local cannabis spot. It’s just been a year but sativa strains have given me a life that I could only have imagined without it.


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