Feel right at home in the cannabis dispensary

I wasn’t so sure about going to the cannabis dispensary for the first time.

I mean, I’m about as straight laced as one can get.

Family and work have always come first. That’s just the way I was raised and somehow, I just sort of fell into that life routine. These days, I have less responsibility when it comes to family and work. And then there’s the fact that recreational marijuana is now legal. When I first tried cannabis, I was in grad school. It was something a close circle of friends introduced me to. Right away, I was drawn to the fact that something like sativa strains really helped me with stress and anxiety. I’ve always been worried that I really didn’t measure up and wouldn’t be able to handle all the stuff that goes with being an adult. That was particularly the case when I was in grad school. I got through it but man, I was probably out of my league. Thankfully, I had sativa and indica to help me out back then. But once I got into my career, got married and started a family, I put away the marijuana. Again, it felt like what I was supposed to do more than what I wanted to do. That was a mistake I now realize. Still, I was hesitant to actually go into the local cannabis spot because I was afraid I’d stick out like a sore thumb. But that actually wasn’t the case at all and I was welcomed with smiles and hearty handshakes all around.


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