Falling at work caused major problems all day

Last Wednesday the medical marijuana store was easily busy.

I went to option my cannabis supplies. The two of us ordered our items online about a minute before arriving to the store. We knew that everything was ready when the two of us arrived. We were told that it was going to be necessary to sit outside and wait, even though I was using a pair of crutches. The fall at work earlier caused my ankle to become broken and it was incredibly difficult for me to stand at all in the park. The two of us spoke with the security officer as well as asked if we could come inside. He claimed the lobby was absolutely too full. The two of us tried to tell the security officer that our order was ready as well as even waiting, but he was not concerned with listening to the things that we had to say. The two of us continue to wait for a while, because the two of us certainly didn’t want to send prefer a man that likes to complain. I was prepared to come back later if the order was not actually ready, so I snuck by the security guard and asked the lady at the front desk if my order was prepared. She apologized and told me it was not necessary to wait since the two of us already had our order prepared as well as waiting. The security officer didn’t like the fact that we went above his head, but the two of us were insanely tired of waiting as well as knew that it was not necessary to stand outside that long.


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