Delivery driver job is way better

I got fired from the movie store for smoking weed on the job.

I am still pretty sore about it, because to me you sort of need weed to fully appreciate film. In order to relax, clear my mind, and lose myself in the world of the film, I need to smoke out first. I am not mad at my manager for it, his hands were tied due to the rules of the movie chain. It’s a loss, because I actually liked that movie job, but now I am free to pursue another avenue at the cannabis dispensary instead. If any job would be more fun than a movie store, it would be a cannabis dispensary. This state is pretty liberal, so recreational cannabis use has been legal for some time. That’s why I thought it would be cool to light up, it’s not like I was smoking marijuana around little kids or anything. I applied for a task at the cannabis dispensary, and was amped that they hired myself and others on as a delivery driver. You can imagine how awed I was to learn that there was no cannabis use allowed on this job, either. The cannabis dispensary had tight rules about using products while working, and driving while high was grounds for quick termination. I assume smoking marijuana on any task will never be fine. On the bright side, I like my new task, the tips are good, and best of all I get an employee discount on all cannabis purchases! I just have to smoke it at home.

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