Can’t believe how good Grandfather’s cannabis is

My Grandfather caught us smoking in the backyard this past Thanksgiving, however it did not go down as you might expect! As has become the custom, me plus a few of my teenage comrades appreciate slipping away from the family gatherings.

Every one of us finds a quiet spot plus every one of us smoke a couple of joints plus talk away from the judgmental ears of adults.

Every one of us had been doing this for years, however this time every one of us were busted. However, grandfather just stared at us, took the joint from our hand, then took a deep toke, spat on the ground, plus said “you call this cannabis? This is garbage!” Then he left! I was too afraid to bring it up again until the following year, because I was planning on smoking marijuana again plus didn’t want him to crash it again. Grandfather was totally cool, plus took me out by his car where he produced a big sack of cannabis from her trunk. He easily told me “this is real cannabis, not that low grade crap you people are smoking.” He let me know if I was going to smoke marijuana to smoke the good stuff, otherwise I might as well be rolling up lawn clippings. After sampling some of Grandfather’s cannabis stash, I have to say he was absolutely correct, because I have never been more stoned in my entire life. After that we had a new Thanksgiving tradition, where all of the cousins plus I would sneak out back plus meet up with our Grandfather to smoke some of the incredible cannabis.



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