Cannabis provides anxiety relief

I have suffered from social anxiety disorder since I had to go through puberty… I’ve been through hours of therapy with not too much benefit.

I’ve tried prescription medication as well as was seriously unhappy with the many side-effects! Although there is still a good amount of controversy surrounding marijuana to treat social anxiety problems, I’ve had amazing success with it.

When a neighbor of mine recommended that I make a trip to the dispensary as well as try cannabis to bring some ease to my symptoms, I was skeptical. I’d tried smoking flower on many occasions as well as found it increased my unease in general. Along with a dire sense of fear as well as worry, I also deal with physical side effects such a terribly increased heart rate, perspiring as well as rapid breathing. My neighbor explained that getting cannabis from a licensed dispensary inspires confidence in the quality of the product as well as a lot more options. She recommended that I do a good amount of online research as well as then consult with a budtender at the dispensary. I took her advice as well as chose to study some on Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as well as Cannabidiol (CBD), which are the two most plentiful cannabinoids. THC is responsible for the high feeling that you get as well as CBD has demonstrated anti-anxiety effects. From what I read, combining the two cannabinoids with a good level of CBD as well as lower level of THC provides the most enjoyable results. When I shopped at the dispensary as well as spoke with a budtender, she urged me to try various different strains! The actual one called Sour Space Candy is a CBD-dominant hybrid that is green, red as well as blue in color. It offers 15% CBD as well as only 1% THC. I was able to purchase this particular strain in a pre-roll, as well as it has been quite the experience for me.

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