Cannabis is great for cooking a variety of foods

My dream is being a chef and so I spent a lot of time going through four years of culinary school and gaining a great deal of experience.

Every one of us had to start somewhere and I was a sous chef for multiple years.

It took a great deal of time and I sacrificed a lot in order to study under fantastic chefs during that time. I did very well in school and then had the task of finding a chef position. I thought the answer for my prayers came when a local marijuana dispensary called myself and also others with a non-traditional idea. The guy had a home office that was sitting in a space not used and also was looking to get into the cannabis cuisine market. Myself and others were absolutely excited and even considered that the proper Edibles love brownies plus cake we’re better for fantastic dining. Cannabis will certainly be infused into various aspects of this numerous course meal. The Cannabis delicious dispensary meals were created for particular growers using the finest tasting cannabis. I have put together a lot of things on the menu plus found myself with various strains. The different marijuana strains are some of the finest tasting cannabis and I use all of these to create a various menu that can be different from one day to the next. I have found a great deal of enjoyment working as a cannabis chef and coming up with new product ideas. The best is still yet to come for all of us.

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