Blue dream tastes like blueberries and gets you wicked high

Last month, there was a pressing sale on marijuana flower at the medical as well as Recreational Marijuana store.

  • The place provided a sale on all top shelf marijuana products.

The top shelf marijuana products are never on sale at the dispensary and they were offering a huge 30% off savings to every patient. When the two of us found out about the sale, the two of us immediately felt that we wanted to visit the medical as well as recreational store. The two of us were forced to work, but we still stopped at the store before heading back home. The two of us picked out some sativa strains. We got a lilac diesel, Sour Diesel, as well as blue dream. The three strains all came from a top-shelf marijuana grower. The blue dream was the most expensive sativa strain at $65 for an ace. My friends and I went hiking and decided to try the blue dream strain. We were filled with a ton of energy that day and the two of us probably could have hiked five or ten additional miles. The taste as well as the intense flavor were really nice and the buds were filled with trichomes that were light in color. It was easy for everyone to see the difference between the indoor and outdoor marijuana flavor. The indoor Blue Dream definitely packed a huge punch and made all of us feel great that day. The controlled indoor atmosphere really produces some amazing and beautiful buds.

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