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I had a nice time visiting my sister in San Mateo

I live in a state where marijuana use is illegal. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from getting my weed needs anyway. But I was happy when I got to visit my sister in California because recreational marijuana use is legal there. My sister also uses marijuana recreationally and she was really happy to show […]

Legal cannabis dispensary opens by eyes

My brother has been living with us ever since getting a medical discharge from the Navy. He’s got some PTSD and he also messed up his knee really bad. We’ve been trying to get him the help he needs but he doesn’t seem very interested. It doesn’t help that the VA Doesn’t really seem to […]

Marijuana produce

It doesn’t feel shady at all I have been thrilled ever since my state legalized marijuana. I used to have a marijuana card, back when you needed one for medicinal purposes. However those are kind of a pain in the butt. You had to get them renewed every so often and it was hard to […]

Grandfather’s weed got delivered

Grandfather Ned knows that I enjoy a little bit of legal recreational marijuana however my mom does not know this. I may be an adult and everything however my mom would flip her lid if she found out or even thought that I was smoking dope. When Grandfather found out, I thought he would flipped […]