Anxiety fills our head with lots of noise, but cannabis helps

Anxiety is a strong emotion that everyone recognizes when my buddy and I are threatened, sad, or feeling afraid.

Anxiety manifests in a number of weird ways. Anxiety seems to recognize like a bunch of odd and weird noises inside our head. It’s like there are lots of voices talking at the same time plus they all say something different. I can’t understand what they are trying to say plus it makes myself and others panic. That panic leads to a panic attack. A panic attack can be awful, especially when you are shaking plus have a rapid heart rate. Periodically I have panic attacks that make myself and others recognize like I am going to die. The anxiety disorder can be controlled using a wide variety of weird medications, but I also appreciate using medical plus recreational marijuana products, but when I recognize a lot of anxiety, I will dose with a fast-acting marijuana product… Fast acting marijuana products include marijuana flower, weed distillate, plus other marijuana products that have been decarboxylated. Cannabis edibles are not known to be fast acting. They usually take about 30 or 45 minutes before you start to recognize the effects. Smoking marijuana flower is easily the fastest way to recognize relief from using marijuana. Smoking a bowl or a marijuana joint is the preferred way for me, however other people like to use a water bong or gravity pipe. When the anxiety makes myself and others crazy plus our head fills with lots of weird voices, one thing that I can’t rely on to make myself and others a little more sane is medical plus recreational marijuana products. My life is so much better since I started smoking pot.

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