You gotta keep them temperature controlled

I hate trying to buy frozen foods during the summer time months.

I used to put the bags straight into a grocery bag, but half of it would melt on the way home.

Putting it in a paper bag helped, however soon I realized I’d need to hold the frozen foods in between several other freezing grocery items. But when that only added a slight change, I realized I should combine both ideas. I got a small supper box sized cooler and put several freezer items from my fridge inside so I could sandwich the ice cream in between. This finally did the job right. Using these coolers for all freezing and perishable food is a great idea, especially if you have a long drive home. The last thing you want is fresh salmon spoiling in your car as you make your way back to your house. I also buy cannabis items that are temperature sensitive, like concentrates. There is distillate, shatter, wax, rosin, hashish, and crumble. Some of these products will melt at warm and cold temperatures. This makes a mess in the bin they’re sold inside. Other concentrates like distillate oil and shatter get severely hard and brittle at freezing temps. This is perfect with shatter, because at that temperature you can often get a clean chop when you go to snap a small piece off. With a distillate syringe, if the product is too chilly, it won’t squeeze out no matter how hard you try.

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