Worried about shopping inside a legal dispensary right now

With covid-19 going around, I’ve been needing my legal cannabis products more than ever.

They just help me to relax and feel a little bit better.

However, I’m in the high-risk zone and it would be really bad if I caught covid-19. That’s one of the things I stress about. So I’ve been wearing my mask and washing my hands lots of times. I’ve also been having my groceries delivered to my car. However, I’ve been avoiding going to my cannabis store because it’s a really small store and I feel like it would be impossible to stay 6 feet away from anybody inside of it. But I started running out of my products so I decided to give my legal cannabis dispensary a call and see if they could possibly get my items together for me so I could just go into the store, pay for them and go out. Quickly and efficiently. I was surprised that the employee who answered the phone told me that not only can they do that for me but that they can take my cannabis out to the car for me. Just like they do with the grocery store. All I have to do is prepay for my cannabis products, drive up, and call the store to let them know that I’m there. I was thrilled. I went ahead and ordered my usual legal cannabis items and then drove to the dispensary. It all went very smoothly and I got back home with all of my recreational cannabis in less than 30 minutes. I will definitely be doing that again. I have a feeling this virus is going to stick around for a while.

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