Was everybody smoking pot in the house?

I was really aggravated and contacted the mother immediately

My wife and I allowed our son to play video games and also spend the night with a new friend. My wife and also myself have usually been able to meet all of the friends but the new kid moved recently to the city. I spoke with the mother on the telephone and she seemed to be kind and very friendly. She was happy to host both of the boys and had an evening planned for everyone. I knew my kid would have a good time and I was actually excited about an evening just to myself. I had some glasses of red wine and also watched a romantic movie on the large screen in our dining room. My hubby went bowling with friends and also the home was quiet and also peaceful. Monday morning I slept a long time and didn’t wake up until my child came to the apartment from The Playdate. I ordered the disgusting smell of marijuana as soon as my child came back to the apartment. The boy smelled exactly like a weed shop. I was really aggravated and contacted the mother immediately. She actually apologized and proceeded to sell herself and others that she uses medical marijuana. She agreed never to use medical marijuana while my child was in the home, and urged myself and others not to make her child suffer just because she has a medical marijuana card. I felt it was important to continue letting my child spend time with hers, because weed is legal here and there’s nothing wrong with it.

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