Vaping CBD is helping me quit my tobacco use

I’ve started vaping the last few weeks, ever since I stopped smoking cigarettes, and i’ve been a smoker for years, however finally decided to quit.

I picked up vaping as a way to curb my urges so I wouldn’t backslide, however now I feel I’ve just moved my addiction from 1 particular substance to another.

I want to do some more research, and taper myself off gradually in a safe way that won’t send me running back to tobacco for more. This isn’t the first time I have quit smoking, however it will be my last. There are more resources than there used to be, especially at the local cannabis dispensary. They carry a ton of different things unrelated to marijuana, if you didn’t know that already! CBD oil comes from the marijuana plant, however it doesn’t get you stoned at all, it just has the many of the same physical effects. I have started getting a blend of CBD oil in my vape cartridges now, as a way to naturally taper off from the nicotine vape pens. They just put a little bakery table in the corner of the dispensary, and I tell you it is dangerous to walk by! I’m not into using marijuana at all so I haven’t tried anything yet, however those edibles look pretty delicious. I entirely need to just begin ordering my vape supplies and CBD online, because sooner or later I’m going to break down and get stoned out of my gourd on delicious pot brownies, then seeing as how I’m just getting over tobacco, I don’t feel starting to use marijuana is the right direction for me.


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