Too many counterfeit CBD products out there these days

The other week, I was studying a few comments on a local message board about concerns facing our community.

  • Someone had talked about the lack of company diversity… The fact was numerous young people were opting to task in companies rather than beginning their own enterprises.

The debate was whether the local government was doing enough to make certain the youth felt supported. As the chats trickled in, someone was saying how the growing CBD industry was doing well and numerous people set up weed dispensaries. The conversation took a serious turn as people began to share their experiences with CBD products. The CBD industry isn’t regulated, so a growing issue is the number of fake CBD products for sale these days! One member was mentioning the time she bought some local cannabis drinks plus had them diagnosed. She needed to know if they were safe to drink or not. The results were astonishing because the drinks contained THC, which was not included in the label at all. A lot of people shared their experiences with local cannabis products! Not all were horrible stories since some had come across attractive companies selling quality cannabis products. I also commented with details of some of the companies I liked that regularly got third party test results that were made public. This was one of the best ways of avoiding scam CBD products that weren’t beneficial or could even hurt people in numerous ways. Everyone came back to the fact that it’s getting pretty challenging to differentiate the fake from the real CBD tinctures. CBD tinctures plus oils are certainly the most popular in the industry plus are easily consumed by millions across the country.

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