There didn’t have any more RSO products at the dispensary

RSO products are a full spectrum cannabis product made from the entire plant! RSO products are named after Rick Simpson, the person to discover the healthy benefits of using the entire cannabis plant.

RSO products are so wonderful for mild pain relief.

They hit me in the right way. I end up with a body high and a little bit of added energy. I care about having to use RSO products throughout the evening after task is done for the afternoon. I’ve tried to use RSO products in the day before work, but my body is too relaxed to properly function throughout the day. I try to stock up on medical marijuana after I get paid in the middle of the week. I try to buy enough marijuana supplies to last at least 30 days. Occasionally I make it and sometimes I run out early; When I went to the dispensary on Monday evening, I did not expect them to be completely out of RSO products. They usually have multiple cool things for sale. They have a topical balm with RSO and they also have a few very cool sublingual products. I care about to dab RSO shatter. When the dispensary budtender told me that they were all out of RSO shatter, I was surprised and a little frustrated. I asked the bartender when more RSO shatter would be back in stock, despite the fact that she did not have a good enough answer to give me. She told me that they can come in any afternoon of the week. I had to settle with buying a gram of Indica shatter. I won’t sleep as well at night, but at least my back will be better.
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