The delivery was way off this time

I dislike to talk to someone’s director and make a complaint, although I did not have any option last night.

I ordered a handful of products from the cannabis shop in town. I was going to pick up the items from the cannabis shop, but this particular order was so large that it qualified for free home delivery. The dispensary had a time slot for that evening, so I decided to head straight apartment after task and have the item delivered to my condo. I opted for a delivery time between 7 until 8 p.m. I fully expected that the cannabis driver would not arrive until later during that time slot. I was very happily surprised when the guy pulled into my driveway at 6:45. He was a few minutes ahead of schedule and that was completely unexpected. I paid the driver with cash and I gave the guy a $10 gratuity. After he left the driveway, I closed the gate and headed into the house. I emptied the sales bin on the table in the living room so I could look at all of my items. As soon as I dumped out the bin, I could tell that something was missing. I ordered 7 items and I only had 5 boxes sitting on the kitchen table. I looked at the receipt in the bin and it was correct. I should have had seven individual boxes on the table. I looked through the receipt and I looked at the boxes. I was missing more than one and a half grams of indica cannabis concentrate. I called the director to make a complaint. She told me that it was always the responsibility of the delivery driver to double-check all orders. I hope the guy did not get fired because the order wasn’t correct.


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