The closest dispensary to my house just unveiled brand new marijuana products

I was so excited when our state started allowing cannabis dispensaries to carry smokable flower products.

For too long we were restricted to tinctures, capsules, and distillate oil.

I don’t really understand why this was ever a problem from the start. The law that we voted on was clear—there were no restrictions on smoking the medicine, especially if your physician determined that to be the best form of ingestion after weighing alternatives. But our former governor was as persistent as he was nasty, and the problem got tied up in appeals courts until the new governor took office and quit the legal deadlock. We still have a long way to come compared to states like California and Colorado, but it’s much better being a medical patient now than it was three years ago. You can only get by on poorly extracted distillate oil for so long before you develop a heavy tolerance. That stuff isn’t cheap either, with $60 a gram being the lowest price in the entire state. So for many reasons, I’m happy that we can buy flower buds at last, but I’m even more excited about cold cured live rosin. It’s a highly potent concentrate made from fresh clippings of marijuana plants. It retains many terpenes and cannabinoids that dissipate as the flower buds slowly dry and cure to the state where they can be packaged and sold for smoking and vaporization. Although the live rosin resembles blonde hashish in looks, it’s very much a different animal altogether. Although $80 a gram isn’t cheap by any standard, it’s still worth it for the quality you get in return.

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