The cannabis oil is what helped me

Most people go to the recreational stores because it costs more to keep a medical card

It’s aggravating when you reluctantly agree to try a new pharmaceutical medication, only to be upset with a lack of results. I spent a long time refusing to try any mental health medications, regardless of what type. I thought that they would fry my brain and change my mental health for the worse, and even if I got some relief it wouldn’t be worth the price on it. I’m glad that I was totally not correct. I tried half a dozen different antidepressant drugs, and I didn’t really like the effects I got from any of them. So none of them had any lasting effects, especially negatively. Instead, they helped a little, which is much more than I expected. Due to this, I didn’t want to throw in the towel while trying other medications. Unfortunately, the SSRI meds didn’t job well with my brain makeup. However, a neuropathy drug called gabapentin that is used off-label as a mood stabilizer, worked amazing. Finally, I felt some sense of stability with my day to day routine. But the best form of relief came when I tried a cannabis concentrate 1 morning that my friend had in stock. The two of us live in a state that has both medical marijuana dispensaries and legal recreational cannabis stores. Most people go to the recreational stores because it costs more to keep a medical card. This cannabis concentrate turned out to be cannabis distillate oil, which has a massively high THC amount compared to cannabis flower products. For the first time, I felt all of my depression simply leave my body.


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