The cannabis dispensary had all kinds of crazy options

It seems like the more I am open to chance, the better life actually goes for me. The tricky section is the remaining open and not closing myself off to discovery due to preconceived concepts. This is a struggle that I maintain when it comes to attempting to just have the best life that I can. One thing that I have been open to recently is cannabis. I accompanied a pretty good friend of mine to a local cannabis spot just to see what all the fuss was about. The last decade or so, there has been quite a heated battle when it came to cannabis and recreational marijuana use. There was a pretty serious movement for legalizing cannabis. Although there was also a bit of pushback when it came to having even medical marijuana products. But that resistance was based in all sorts of fear based rhetoric. The argument against cannabis and cannabis products being available was just not a logical argument in the slightest. Eventually the cannabis lobby won out. Recreational marijuana use was totally legalized. The cannabis dispensaries started to pop up slowly. It made me entirely curious to want to experience cannabis firsthand on my own. That first trip with my buddy was a true eye opener. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for just how extensive the option would be at the marijuana business. My buddy was experienced to a certain degree when it came to the sativa and indica choices. But she too was surprised by all the odd hybrid strains. Then the two of us discovered the cannabis edibles section and it was something that dazzled us. There was every conceivable thing in this particular place. I thought there might be a few odd types of pot brownies or something like that. That was not the case at all. There were cannabis gummies, lollipops and well, you name it and it was there for the most part.

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