Taking some time off

I constantly look forward to the weekend.

  • Those are the nights that I have off work.

I have been a worker at a marijuana dispensary for three years. I had to work my way up the chain to get weekends off. I started at the smallest rung as a front desk clerk and I worked at the cannabis dispensary for 2 years before I got promoted to a management position. I only have the weekends off because I have a undoubtedly competent assistant manager that can handle any complication that comes up. I’m undoubtedly lucky that she was around and wanted to work in the medical marijuana industry. She is a great friend of mine from university and she recently moved to the area. When she said she was looking for a job, I knew she would be the right addition to the marijuana dispensary team. She’s great at doing multiple different tasks and delegating jobs. She also uses and grows marijuana as well; Honestly, she was the perfect addition to the dispensary team. I’m looking forward to our next weekend off, because I have plans with my best buddy and her kids. We are going to spend the whole weekend together for the first time. It’s a big step in our relationship and I am worried. I’ve only met the youngsters a few other times in the past. In a few evenings, we are going to the mountains and spending the whole weekend hiking and fishing. I am certain we will have fun, but I am still upset, anxious, and hoping it goes well.


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