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My acquaintance Billy and I were hitting it pretty hard up at his lodge.

The two of us had had a lot to drink and Billy brought along a significant amount of recreational marijuana as well.

But I guess the two of us did not think to bring enough, or we didn’t know our tolerance, because after several days, the two of us ran out. The two of us looked it up on our Google maps and, due to being out in the middle of nowhere, there was not a legal marijuana store within 45 miles from us. The two of us decided to just make do with the alcohol however then Billy remembered that he could have legal recreational cannabis delivered to us. After all, his lodge has a postal address And the two of us were going to be staying there for the full week. So the two of us picked out a handful of marijuana products and ordered them online. Then the two of us paid an extra surcharge for them to be delivered within several days. The two of us were so wasted by the time the legal weed products were delivered, that the two of us almost forgot that the two of us ordered them. However, about that time Billy and I were running out of alcohol so the two of us just partied the last few days with the marijuana. I have to say, this was one deranged getaway. I hardly knew what day it was the whole time. however, neither of us encountered any sort of trouble. The two of us did not have any drunk driving or any sort of incidents. I guess in huge part that was due to the legal recreational cannabis delivery service. The two of us knew more celebration supplies were en route so the two of us did not freak out about the two of us had to drive to find more.
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